Bitfury announced the launch of an institutional investor program aimed at bitcoin through the mining company's data centers.


The Program offers "bespoke" investment tools, including direct investment and indirect deals with funds and private equity, among other investments. 

The data centers live in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Central Asia. The firm delivered a lower energy cost in North America and Europe, at $ 0.03 per kWh or lower, and the firm said it was lower than most other sites globally. Bitfury oversees the management of the sites.

The Program directs accredited investors with less volatility to digital assets.

The Program offers an entry point outside the popular derivatives market. Indeed the partnership model has the firm sharing the risk.

Bitfury said in a statement: "Our unique partnership models assume that we do not profit from the initial transaction; instead Bitfury shares the risk similar to the Fund Partnership model.

Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov told Forbes that he expects the program to be the most attractive for family offices, as it is designed to turn to digital assets without the operational know-how needed to hold digital assets.